Vision and Mission

THE VISION OF ISMed: "for a Mediterranean of peace and prosperity".

The ISMed is inspired by a vision of a Mediterranean of peace and prosperity, based on the values that unite the countries in the area.
It comes from the idea that the Mediterranean can be an opportunity for growth and development for both the richer countries of the northern and southern shores and from the awareness that scientific research is the tool to realize these opportunities.


The mission of the Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean (ISMed) is to identify and analyze the dynamics of the processes of growth and socio-economic development of the countries of the Mediterranean area. Through a strongly interdisciplinary and long-term approach, ISMed's research focuses on specific themes such as the study of migration, energy and the environment, the nature of economic and social development processes, logistics and transport, urban development, the development of network infrastructures and the dissemination of technologies in socio-economic and cultural fields, artistic and cultural heritage.
The research activity has not only scientific and academic purposes but also informative and popular purposes.
The ultimate aim of ISMed is to provide interpretative theories of phenomena, projections on possible future scenarios and policy guidelines that can support targeted interventions to reduce imbalances and stimulate growth in the area.


Book presentation

Campania on the move
2020 Report on internal migration in Italy

by Michele Colucci and Stefano Gallo

30 OCTOBER 2020, 11.00 A.M.

Live on Facebook @CNR.ISMed

The book is now available

Campania on the move
2020 Report on Internal Migration in Italy

edited by
Michele Colucci and Stefano Gallo

Publisher il Mulino

ISBN 978-88-15-28720-5

The book

Cultura in transito. Ricerca e tecnologie per il patrimonio culturale

edited by Antonio Bertini, Immacolata Caruso, Gemma Teresa Colesanti, Tiziana Vitolo

is now avalable

Science in brief - Smart Working: How to manage conflicts and overcome tensions with colleagues remotely?

During 2020, the need to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic and limit contagion in the workplace forced many public and private organizations to adopt smart working.
Experimentation has demonstrated the value of this mode of work. At the same time, it has shown that the physical distance from colleagues and the organization determines the emergence of a series of critical issues that must be carefully considered by management.

The Mediterranean as a resource
Prospects from Italy

edited by Salvatore Capasso, Gabriella Corona, Walter Palmieri

published by il Mulino

Published a special issue of Opera Ipogea: Journal of speleology in artificial cavities

OPERA IPOGEA: Journal of speleology in artificial cavities. Special issue 2020"Damage assessment and conservation of underground spaces as valuable resources for human activities in Italy and Japan". Editors: R. Varriale, Chiaki T. Oguchi , M. Parise

In the Special Issue contributions of CNR-ISMed in the articles of Roberta Varriale, Tiziana Vitolo and Bruno Venditto.

It has been published "Covid-19 vs City-20", Special Issue of TeMA - Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment.

The publication collects a series of contributions from scientists and experts on the territorial, social and economic effects of the epidemic.

The issue includes two articles by ISMed researchers and experts.

Smart Working at the time of Covid-19

Smart Working Magazine interviews ISMed researchers Luisa Errichiello and Tommasina Pianese to provide useful information especially to those organizations and people who - due to the Covid-19 emergency - are experiencing smart working for the first time.



The ISMed carries out, promotes and coordinates research activities with objectives of excellence at national and international level, aimed at expanding knowledge in the field of human sciences, identified in the framework of European cooperation and integration and collaboration with universities and other entities, both public and private. It carries out activities of communication and promotion of research, taking care of the dissemination of the related economic and social results within the country. It collaborates with the region and the local administrations, in order to promote, through joint research initiatives, the development of the specific productive realities of the territory. Translated with



This section highlights the scientific contribution of the various research groups of the Institute through the development of projects and sub-projects, carried out with internal funds or external funding.



In order to facilitate the exchange of information and the transfer of research results, the ISMed periodically organises conferences and study days. An archive with the main reports in slides or videos is available on the pages of the events.



The ISMed periodically organizes specialized seminars that, focusing on a single topic, promote the enhancement of the professionalism of participants with the transfer of scientific knowledge related to ongoing research.



The scientific production of the institute's staff is classified according to the types established in the CNR's People IT system.

Third mission

Third mission

The Institute plays an important role in many third mission activities, such as the dissemination of the results of scientific research to the general public, participation in committees and councils, training activities also in school-work alternation and support activities for companies.



The book collection of the Institute for studies on the Mediterranean is made of about twelve thousand books that make up a specialized collection of a socio-economic kind.

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