Practices for the Underground Built Heritage Valorisation. Second Handbook
Proceedings of the Second Underground4value Training School

Edited by Susana Martinez-Rodriguez and Giuseppe Pace

CNR Edizioni, 2023
pp. 208

ISBN print edition: 978-88-8080-538-3
ISBN electronic edition: 978-88-8080-537-3

DOI: 10.48217/mngspc03 (



This book collects all original materials produced during the Second Underground4value Training School, held in September 2021 at the University of Murcia (Murcia, ES). In these pages, the reader can experience how a real committed group of young and talented trainees, organised in research groups, faced such a challenge of penetrating theoretical and methodological contents and then operating them to produce their case-study storytelling. This second handbook, structured in three parts, tries to catch all this, not replying the already published lectures, but giving space to the case-studies’ description and to the research groups’ work. In these pages, the research teams, composed by tutors and trainees, emerge as the real protagonists, by providing a fertile ground to create alternative options for the selected case-studies - the Old White Marble Quarries of Paros (GR), the Ayia Napa Monastery (CY), the Dolmens of Antelas and Carapito (PT), and the Underground City of Camerano (IT).  Through their eyes, free from any predefined design and not tied to the local communities’ expectations, the reader can penetrate the logic path, in some way connected to the Strategic Transition Practice (STP) approach, which created the pre-conditions for the options’ definition.  Following the First Handbook orientation, this new volume aims to make available to the scientific community and the general public an original product based on scientific comparison, real studies, community experiences, and creativity. Furthermore, in line with the COST Action philosophy, the final goal of this Handbook is to promote Underground Built Heritage as a valuable resource to celebrate and preserve, realising its full potential to support local communities’ development..

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