Scientific Research and Society: The Third Mission


Time has passed since scientists were isolated in their “ivory towers”, living apart from the rest of the society: through the so-called “Third Mission” nowadays the research opens the doors to the public. A close interaction between science and society is encouraged, to promote the dialog with industry, schools, citizens, especially in their surrounding regional areas. 

The Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean plays an important role in promoting and making actions to facilitate this process, through a variety of initiatives devoted to the local communities. The main activities are focused on migrations, environment, economics, cultural heritage, history, logistics.

We strongly believe that the dissemination of scientific knowledge and technology transfer are one of the main objectives of scientific research, something inherent to the research itself.   This is a relevant contribution to the enhancement of the society, to stimulate social and cultural values, and to have an impact into commercial applications as well. 

According to this values and objectives, we offer our contribution in Outreach initiatives directed at the general public, higlighting the importance of scientific research in Social Sciences and Humanities.


2018 PROGRAMS and events:

  • Alternanza Scuola Lavoro
  • La scuola va a bordo
  • Giornata europea del mare
  • Naples Shipping Week - III ed.
  • Umanità nel Pallone
  • Kidseconomics
  • La giornata dell’acqua
  • Presentations, meeting and discussions (migrations, environment, economics, cultural heritage, history, logistics)

2019 PROGRAMS and events:

2020 PROGRAMS and events:



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