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Gabriella Corona is Director pro tempore of the Institute for Studies in the Mediterranean (ISMED) of the National Research Council.

She is a member of the Scientific Council of the Department of Human and Social Sciences of the National Research Council.

She is editor in chief of the international scientific journal "Global Environment. A Journal of Transdisciplinary History"

She is co-editor of the interdisciplinary journal "Meridiana. Journal of History and Social Sciences ".

She is vice-president of the Italian Society of Environmental History (SiSAm).

In 2017, she was awarded the Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale (ASN) (National Scientific Accreditation) for the research area 11/A3 - Contemporary History (II fascia).

Se is a member:

  • Of the Consejo Cientifico of the journal "Historia Ambiental Latinoamericana y Caribeña",
  • of the Advisory Board of "Cambio. Journal of Social Transformations",
  • of the Advisory Board of "Historia Agraria. Revista de agricoltura e historia rural"
  • of the Editorial Advisory Board of "Rises. Ricerche di Storia Economica e Sociale",
  • of the Editorial Board of "Glocale. Molise Journal of History and Social Sciences".

She has articles in national and international scientific journals, essays on collective volumes, monographs and editors

Among the books published after 2000: A Short of Environmental History in Italy of 20017, A Short History of the Environment in Italy of 2015, The Problem of Waste Disposal in a Large European City and Waste. An unresolved question with Daniele Fortini from 2012 and 2010 respectively, I Ragazzi del Piano. Naples and the reasons for urban environmentalism in 2007

Her current research concerns Environmental History issues from a national and global perspective.

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She has produced more than 100 national and international publications between articles on scientific journals, volume chapters, monographs, edited books, book reviews.

Main books:

A Short Environmental History of Italy: Variety and Vulnerability (The White Horse Press, Cambridge, 2017);

Breve storia dell’ambiente in Italia (il Mulino, Bologna, 2015);

The Problem of Waste Disposal in a Large European City. Garbage in Naples (Mellen Press, New York, 2012) with Daniele Fortini;

Rifiuti. Una questione non risolta (XLedizioi, Roma 2010, 2012) withDaniele Fortini;

I ragazzi del piano. Napoli e le ragioni dell’ambientalismo urbano (Donzelli, Roma, 2007);

Demani ed individualismo agrario nel Regno di Napoli (ESI, Napoli, 1995).

Main edited books:

Il Mediterraneo come risorsa. Prospettive dall’Italia (il Mulino, Bologna, 2020) con Salvatore Capasso e Walter Palmieri;

Le politiche per l’ambiente in Italia (Franco Angeli, Milano 2017) with Riccardo Realfonzo;

Economia e ambiente in Italia dall’Unità a oggi (Bruno Mondadori, Milano 2012) with Paolo Malanima;

Storia e ambiente. Città, risorse e territori nell’Italia contemporanea, Carocci, Roma 2007) with Simone Neri Serneri;

Ambiente e risorse nel Mezzogiorno contemporaneo (Meridianalibri, Corigliano Calabro, 1999) with Piero Bevilacqua.

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