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                           12. Conservation and Valorisation of Cultural Heritage. Strategies in
                              Hazards Zones: a case on Earthquake area in central Italy                             141
                              Antonello Alici
                           13. Developing Underground Heritage Business Models. Creative Tourism
                              as a Strategy for the UBH Promotion                                                             159
                              Alvaro Dias
                           14. Planning the Invisible. The Sustainable Use of the Underground Spaces
                              and Places                                                                                                       163
                              Pietro Elisei
                           15. Co-creation and Inclusiveness of Public Spaces with Heritage                     173
                              Tatiana Ruchinskaya
                           16. Informal Planning Approaches in Activating Underground Built Heritage  185
                              Carlos Smaniotto Costa
                           17. Heritage Conservation and Community Empowerment.
                              Tools for Living Labs                                                                                    197
                              Giuseppe Pace

                           PART 2    CASE STUDIES
                           18. Place for the Dead, Place for the Living. Transformations and
                              Heritagisation of the Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples                                    237
                              Elisa Bellato
                           19. Naples: A Living Lab for the Management of the Fontanelle Cemetery      247
                              Juan Valle Robles
                           20. Case study: Göreme in Cappadocia, Turkey                                                 253
                              Müge Akkar Ercan
                           21. Göreme: The Case-study Storytelling                                                           269
                              Daniela de Gregorio
                           22. Murcia: Valorising the Mining Heritage of La Union                                  285
                              Susana Martinez-Rodriguez
                           23. Green Karst Region: Between Natural Caves and Alpine Wall
                              Fortifications                                                                                                 299
                              Luisa Errichiello

                           PART 3    RESEARCH GROUPS
                           24. Creative Tourism. Connecting Fontanelle Cemetery to a Larger
                              Touristic Route                                                                                             319
                              Pamela Bartar, Gresa Calliku, Sara Morena, Francesco Paci,
                              and Mia Trentin
                           25. H2H Heritagisation of a Place of Worship: Frictions and Solutions           339
                              Elisa Bellato, Amber Keurntjes, Andrea Murzi, Felicia Peronace,
                              Tuğçe Sözer, and Sacid Yildiz
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