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                           Preface                                                          v
                           Giuseppe Pace and Renata Salvarani

                           List of Contributors                                             ix
                           List of Figures                                                 xiii
                           List of Tables                                                   xxi

                           1. Introduction. Underground Built Heritage as Catalyser for Community
                              Valorisation                                                  1
                             Giuseppe Pace

                           PART 1    LECTURES ON METHODOLOGY
                           2. Symbolic Implications of Use and Re-use of Underground Urban Spaces
                              An Historical Interpretative Framework                       21
                              Renata Salvarani
                           3. A Methodological Framework for UBH Classification            31
                              Roberta Varriale
                           4. Unstructured Textual Data Analysis for Underground Built Heritage
                              (UBH) Knowledge Base                                         43
                              Pinar Karagoz
                           5. New Museology and Design Thinking Methodology                59
                              Tony Cassar
                           6. Infrared Thermal Imaging. Principles and Applications for Civil
                              Engineering Inspection                                       67
                              Robert Olbrycht
                           7. The Use of Innovative SLAM Solution for a Fast Acquisition of UBH   77
                              Roberto Pierdicca
                           8. Security Considerations on UBH Sites                         89
                              Kerim Aydiner
                           9. Management and Valorisation of Underground Heritage from Prehistory
                              to 20th Century. The Maltese Scenario                       103
                              Shirley Cefai
                           10. Valorisation of Rural Heritage and Touristic Bias. Potential Benefits
                              to Local Community                                          121
                              Ernesto Marcheggiani, Andrea Galli, Ilaria Fioretti, Marco de Seris
                           11. The Underground Cultural Landscape as an essential component of local
                              identity. An implementation solution of the UNESCO Recommendation
                              of Historic Urban Landscape                                 133
                              Laura Genovese
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