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Pace, Salvarani   vii

                             That is why this Handbook and the accomplishments of the Training School,
                           reflect  the  basic  definitions  of  heritage  valorisation, management,  and  planning
                           and define a taxonomy through words, such as meaning, semantisation, cultural
                           value,  historic  landscape,  community,  participation,  empowerment,  sustainable
                           transitions, or co-creation.
                             When dealing with such major issues, UBH plays a particular and decisive role:
                           in cities and landscapes it catalyses deep social dynamics, it becomes the engine of
                           processes that involve the life space of the communities.
                             The theme of CA18110 Underground4value is validated by the activities and
                           the results of this first Training School, a fulcrum of general and complex process-
                           es, transversal to the European challenges of Innovation, Social Cohesion and Sus-
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