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                           Giuseppe Pace and Renata Salvarani

                           Why publish a Handbook on a COST Action Training School? Hopefully, these
                           pages may serve as springboard for a shared operational pathway for researchers,
                           scholars, and professionals who together with stakeholders and local communities
                           want to develop heritage-led community development. Each player holds a differ-
                           ent point of view and the results of various experiences throughout Europe and its
                           surrounding areas, are key contributions to successful actions.
                             This Handbook covers all lectures and research activities developed and pre-
                           sented  in  the  context  of  the  First  Underground4value  Training  School.  The
                           School,  a  main  focal  point  of  the  COST  Action  CA18110  “Underground  Built
                           Heritage as catalyser for Community Valorisation” was held in Naples, at the ma-
                           jestic Castel dell’Ovo overlooking the sea. It was a challenging experience that at-
                           tracted 30 graduate trainees from 12 countries across Europe and Turkey.
                             The specific focus is on Underground Built Heritage (UBH), an element of val-
                           ue for communities, cities and societies, the fulcrum of transformations and pro-
                           cesses of development, rebirth, and resilience.
                             By  integrating  multi-disciplinary  knowledge  with an innovative  planning  ap-
                           proach, this training experience represented a point where all knowledge, collected
                           through the different activities, could be  explicated and shared in training mod-
                           ules, as a first step for building capacity from both an academic and professional
                           perspective on UBH.
                             Why  a  Handbook connected  with  a  Training  School? Training  schools  are  a
                           qualifying opportunity within a COST Action, an opportunity to compare concrete
                           experiences based on case studies and case histories of different territories and cit-
                             For five days, the U4V Training School proposed morning multi-disciplinary
                           lectures held by COST Action CA18110 member experts and professors, and af-
                           ternoon research teamwork tutored by six researchers. On the sixth day, trainees
                           presented their research outcomes in the form of posters that were awarded, and
                           certified in a final ceremony. The School allowed trainees, trainers, tutors, profes-
                           sors, and other professionals to work alongside each other, express their opinions
                           and  either  share  or  gain  more  knowledge  relating  to  UBH,  conservation  tech-
                           niques, valorisation strategies, planning and participation tools.
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