Research products

The section refers to the products of the CNR People system.

The platform houses the official archive of the CNR research products and is designed as one of the fundamental components of the company's information system.

People's philosophy is based on a double guarantee system:

    ⚈ the autonomy of the authors (researchers/technologists and other CNR personnel) in the self-archiving of editorial products;
    ⚈ the validation of bibliographic conformity - by librarians - and the scientific recognition of the products themselves - by the Directors of Institutes/Departments/Structures.



  Sustainability of Urban Functions: Dealing with Tourism Activity
2019 Fistola, Romano; Gargiulo, Carmela; Battarra, Rosaria; La Rocca, Rosa Anna
  Italy and China Sharing Best Practices on the Sustainable Development of Small Underground Settlements
2019 Laura Genovese, Roberta Varriale, Loredana Luvidi and Fabio Fratini
  Technical efficiency and community: what are the reasons for the internal mobility of immigrants in Italy?
2019 Pipitone Vito; Licari Francesca; Foderà Roberto
  Green is the colour. Standards, equipment and public spaces as paradigm for the Italian sustainable city
2019 Giuseppe Mazzeo, Floriana Zucaro, Rosella Morosini
  Re-Inventing Underground Space in Matera
2019 Roberta Varriale
  Sottosuolo del territorio e metropolitane
2019 Roberta Varriale
  Foreign immigration to Italy: crisis and the transformation of flows
2019 Michele Colucci
  L'origine di "Meridiana": oltre il divario, oltre gli stereotipi
2019 Gabriella Corona
  Presentazione del libro "Ultime notizie dalla terra" di Antonio di Gennaro
2019 Gabriella Corona
  Intervento alla presentazione del numero 92 di Meridiana dedicato al tema "Migrazioni e fascismo"
2019 Gabriella Corona