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Explaining vaccine hesitancy: A COVID-19 study of the United States

di Rajeev K. Goel, James R. Jones, James W. Saunoris

Managerial and Decision Economics
The international journal of research and progress in management economics
Wiley 2022

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Using recent data on the unvaccinated population across US states, this paper focuses on the determinants of vaccine hesitancy related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Findings show that more prosperous states and states with more elderly residents and more physicians have lower vaccine hesitancy. There was some evidence of the significance of race, but internet access and history of other contagious diseases failed to make a difference. States with centralized health systems and those with mask mandates generally had a lower percentage of unvaccinated populations. Finally, the presence of Democrats in state legislatures tended to lower vaccination hesitancies, ceteris paribus.