Science Lessons Young: The Coronavirus explained to children. New Episodes
Luca Caruana (CNR-IRIB), Tiziana Masullo (CNR-ISMed)

For the CNR's Science Lessons section, published on the channel Scienza&Tecnica of Ansa, Tiziana Masullo (CNR-ISMed) e  Luca Caruana (CNR-IRIB), in a dialogue between a researcher and the protagonist of the emergency, the new coronavirus.



The videos aim to make the information available today on the health emergency caused by Covid-19 accessible to the very young generations. The dialogue is focused on different aspects related to the characteristics of viruses, vectors of diffusion and transmission routes; the Covid-19 disease; the concept of outbreak, epidemic and pandemic; the simple behavioural rules and good practices adopted by the world population.

Episode 1: Video on YouTube Communication channel of CNR

Viruloso (episode 2): "The red zone"


Viruloso (episode 3): "the swab"