Sending a large attachment is no longer a problem thanks to FileSender service provided by GARR. It is a web application that allows users to send large files to any recipient, in easy and safe mode.

Sent files are uploaded to a temporary storage area and remain available for download for a limited time; after this period they are automatically deleted. Safety is guaranteed because only legitimate recipients are able to download files. The service can be used only for sending files and does not constitute a storage platform or permanent publication.

FileSender is a service accessible through the IDEM Federation and it can be used by all users of the organizations affiliated to the Federation. The IDEM users also can also receive files from users that do not belong to the Federation, by sending them a voucher that enables them temporarily to use the service.

To use FileSender GARR just log onto: and login with the credentials provided by your organization.  

To access just click "login", select "National Research Council" as a subsidiary organization and enter your Siper credentials.

For further informations, please contact GARR.