The Mediterranean: the role of research, an opportunity for growth and development.

An interview with ISMed Director Salvatore Capasso in Cronache Mediterranee, an international newspaper







Which opportunities can the Mediterranean offer? What is the role of research? What objectives have been achieved by ISMed?

Salvatore Capasso, director of the Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean, explains the important role played by research in the knowledge and analysis of issues related to the Mediterranean, which is also strategic in the support offered to policy makers.

An area of great disparities and differences, with profound gaps in demographic and economic growth, conflicts and emergencies, the Mediterranean should also be seen in terms of its great opportunities for growth and development, which research helps to understand with precise data and analyses.

Among the interdisciplinary skills of ISMed's researchers, the director highlights the production of articles and books published on the economy, the environment, migration and many other issues that are central to understanding the Mediterranean. Among these, he mentions the forthcoming publication, for the first time in English, of the latest edition of the Report on Mediterranean Economies, which for almost two decades has been analysing in depth the political and socio-economic conditions of the economies of the entire area.

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