The ISMed is born, the new institute born from the strengthening of the ISSM.
The phase for the exercise of option right for the CNR personnel involved starts.

ISMed, the CNR Institute for studies on the Mediterranean, was created to respond more effectively and comprehensively to the growing demand for analysis and resolution of particularly acute problems in the Mediterranean area: energy crises, climate change, migration, economic gaps. The ISMed intends to strengthen the role of the CNR on issues of immediate impact on which converge institutional and scientific interests of international scope and attractors of considerable amount of research funds.

The new institute aims to increase skills also through the acquisition of researchers and technologists in disciplines not strictly humanistic and aims for a more interdisciplinary thrust that overcomes the conventional barriers of the division of knowledge.

In addition to Naples, new offices will be opened, starting from Rome and Palermo, through which relations with the scientific community of reference operating in the Mediterranean will also be consolidated.

The project of the new Institute was presented to the CNR scientific network on 7 May 2019 by the Director of the DSU Gilberto Corbellini and the outgoing director of the ISSM Salvatore Capasso.


With provision no. 63 of 30 May 2019 of the President of the CNR, the right of option to and from the other structures of the CNR was opened for the personnel concerned, to be exercised within 30 days from the date of 1 June 2019.

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