From one Mediterranean to another

Conversations about the Balkans:
cultural heritage as a resource for development and peace

Wednesday 8 May 2019, 10.30 a.m.

Via Cardinale Guglielmo Sanfelice 8
Sala de Rosa, 7th floor



The Mediterranean is a place that has been able to build affinities, communities and relations, but also conflicts and contrasts between the people who live on its shores. For this reason, too, it has often been imagined and represented as a sea of fractures and gaps, not of contacts and exchanges. Yet, in addition to the dimension of the imaginary, there is a lived reality that is always socially constructed reality. From this awareness, the need for an encounter that opens to a more articulated reading of the mare nostrum was born, focused on the particularities present in the Mediterranean and on their possibility of confronting themselves with other specificities according to a common spirit. If the Balkans have always been a place of conflicts and crossings, at the same time they represent the scenario in which political and cultural experiences of great importance have been experimented, in particular in the sense of inclusion and encounter between peoples and cultures.

It is discussed with Gianmarco Pisa who, against the backdrop of the Yugoslav event, deals with cultural heritage, tangible and intangible, in terms of sediments of memory and universal cultural value, beyond and beyond socio-cultural divisions and ethnic barriers.

Gianmarco Pisa (Naples 1979). Peace operator, engaged in initiatives and research-action for the transformation of conflicts, within IPRI (Italian Institute for Research for Peace) - Civil Peace Corps Network; active on projects of inter-culture and inclusion at the research centers RESeT (Research on Economy, Society and Territory) and IRES Campania (Institute for Economic and Social Research). It collaborates with the international press agency "Pressenza" and has peace actions in the Balkans and in the Mediterranean scenario. Author of the volume Paesaggi Kosovari 1998-2018. Cultural heritage as a resource for progress and opportunities for peace (Multimage, Florence, 2018): a choral reflection with which to focus on the theme of memory in conflict scenarios to overcome the fences of exclusive affiliations and outline a perspective of coexistence, sharing and construction of "peace with justice".


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