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In 1990, Giuseppe Pace holds cum laude a M.Sc. degree from “Frederic II” Naples University in Civil Engineering, with a thesis on urban planning. After a fellowship at the Institute of Planning and Territorial Management (I.Pi.Ge.T) and an internship at the Architecture Faculty of “Frederic II” Naples University (1990-1994), since 1994 he is researcher at the Italian National Research Council in the Mediterranean Economics Research Institute (IREM-CNR), which in 2002 becomes the Institute of Studies on Mediterranean Societies.

He has been responsible of several international and national research projects in the Regional Sciences context; in particular, his main research topic is urban and regional planning. His interests take into account the evaluation instruments (multi-criteria analysis), the decision-making processes (advocacy planning, public participation, multi-level governance), the large transport infrastructure planning and management (Ports, TEN-T, ITS, Logistic Platforms, Multi-Modality, Messina Straits Bridge, etc.…), to finally arrive to Industrial Development Policies (Innovation Systems, Entrepreneurship promotion), collective learning processes and social networks and the last studies on sustainable transportation.

He collaborates with several International and Italian academic institutions, by having lectures and participating to Master courses and Erasmus programmes in the Universities of Naples, Milan, Haifa (IL), Ghent (BE), and Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK). Since 2008, he is visiting researcher at Ghent University, first at the Centre for Planning and Sustainable Mobility (AMRP) and then at the Department of Telecommunications and Information Processing (I-Know), with projects on sustainable mobility and applications of renewable energy in the transports. He is scientific responsible of the research project “To an integrated hub & spoke strategy of Mediterranean Sea-Ports Cities”. Responsible for the overall planning and the field tests coordination of the WP5 “Smart Grids Solution”, in the INTERREG IVb NSR project “e-Mobility NSR” (2011-2014). Responsible for Ghent University of the ERASMUS course “Intensive Railway Programme in Newcastle upon Tyne” (RailNewcastle), Newcastle University (2012-2014). Lecturer at the Master Course on Transport Planning. Member of I-Know I-Move team, with studies on sustainable mobility and behavioural change in transport. From 2011 to 2015, he teaches sustainable mobility and Sea-rail connections, at the Newcastle University summer school (RailNewcastle).

From 2003 to 2007, he works at the European Commission - DG Transport and Energy in Brussels (BE), where he is responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of the Trans-European Transport Network. He contributes to the implementation of the projects and the TEN-T programme’s evaluation procedures, as well as to reorganise the proposals’ selection procedures in the framework of the TEN-T Multiannual Programme 2007-2013.

In 2007-2008, he becomes member of the Strategic Plan “Metropoli Terra di Bari (BA2015)” Scientific Committee, where he studies accessibility, sustainable mobility and Mediterranean identity topics. In 2009-2010, he is advisor of the European Commission in the Amendment of the Trans-European Transport Network Guidelines, in the field of Transport Intelligent Systems and New Technologies. He is active member of NETLIPSE, a network of academic experts, public officials and practitioners in the field of large transport infrastructure management, since 2008 and recently, for 2013 to 2015, he is scientific committee member.

He is referee for “Papers in Regional Science” and “Research in transportation economics”. He has published more than 80 articles, in books, journals, and conferences’ proceedings, and edited four books.

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Last 10 years publications:

Giuseppe Pace (2018), Planning Approaches for Heritage-Led Community Development, in Laura Genovese, Angela Quattrocchi, Haiming Yan (eds), Preserving, managing and enhancing the archaeological sites: Comparative perspectives between China and Italy, CNR editore

Giuseppe Pace, Stefano Ricci (2018), “Multimodal, Intermodal and Terminals”, in Marin Marinov (ed), Sustainable Rail Transport. Proceedings of RailNewcastle Talks 2016, Springer International Publishing AG, pp 193-206.

Johan De Mol, Sidharta Gautama, Dominique Gillis, Giuseppe Pace, Ivana Semanjski, Katrien Backx (2016) “E-tweewielers: volwaardig alternatief voor woon-werkverkeer”, in Verkeersspecialist n. 224, Wolters Kluwer publishing, Mechelen (Belgio), pp. 32-36.

Johan De Mol, Sidharta Gautama, Dominique Gillis, Giuseppe Pace, Ivana Semanjski (2015), De elektrische deelauto in Verkeersspecialist n.213; Wolters Kluwer publishing, Mechelen (BE), pp. 28-31.

Sidharta Gautama, Dominique Gillis, Giuseppe Pace, Ivana Semanjski (2015), Cohousing and EV Sharing: Field-tests in Flanders, in Leal Filho Walter, Kotter Richard (eds), E-Mobility in Europe, Springer, Heidelberg (DE).

Sidharta Gautama, Giuseppe Pace, Dominique Gillis, Johan De Mol (2014), Monitoring travel behaviour: tools for e-MOBILITY NSR in TRA -Transport Research Arena, Paris, 14-17 April 2014.

Dewan Md Zahurul Islam, J. Fabian Meier, Paulus T. Aditjandra, Thomas H. Zunder, Giuseppe Pace (2013), Logistics and supply chain management in Research in transportation economics Vol.41, Elsevier, Oxford (UK), pp. 3-16.

Vasco Reis, J. Fabian Meier, Giuseppe Pace, Roberto Palacin (2013), Rail and multi-modal transport in Research in transportation economics Vol. 41, Elsevier, Oxford (UK), pp. 17-30.

Pace Giuseppe (2010), Dalla agglomerazione al network sociale: politiche di industrializzazione in Italia e Israele, in Pace, G. (ed), Sviluppo, Innovazione e Conoscenza. Strumenti per un'economia mediterranea, Franco Angeli, Milano (IT)

Pace Giuseppe (2009), Introducing Sustainable Transport Elements in the Infrastructure Assessment in Netlipse Networking knowledge, n. 6, AT Osborne B.V. – Baarn (NL), pp. 4-6.


As researcher, he participated to several research programmes, such as:

  • “SMART TUNNEL” (Smart Platform for logistic services in Port Cities), funded by Italian PON 2007-2013, Ricerca e Competitività (2013-2015).
  • “MAR.TE 2” (SAFETY LINK FOR SEA-LAND LOGISTICS), funded by Italian PON 2007-2013, Ricerca e Competitività (2015-2017)
  • “Intermediate Institutions for the growth of “Governance” processes in the Mediterranean Partner Countries”, funded by the European Commission in the framework of the FEMISE network (2003-2005),
  • “Mediterranean cities: models, processes and policies”, funded by the Italian Ministry for the Scientific Research (2003-2005).
  • “University incubators of innovative firms and knowledge and innovation networks”, Special funded CNR (2001-2002);
  • “Planning and Environmental Cross-cultural Conflict Prevention and Resolution: A Research and Development Project" funded by MIUR and MOS in the framework of Italy-Israel bilateral programme (2001-2002);
  • "The last twenty years of planning in Israel; a comparative study", funded by MIUR and MOS in the framework of bilateral research programme Italy-Israel (1997-1999);
  • "The Mediterranean Metropolitan Systems. The Mediterranean city: foundation, planning and management" (1995-1997);
  • "The Messina Straits Fixed Link and the development of a regional system Reggio Calabria - Messina", research funded by CNR (1994-1997);
  • “The Maghreb countries: toward a sustainable development" (1994-1996);

As consultant, he has contributed to the preparation of the 2000-2006 Campania Regional Operational programme, and to the evaluation of the internationalisation measures of the Calabria Region. Since 2011, he collaborates with ANCE (Italian Association of Builders) in a training programme on European Union Project Management, addressed to Italian Regions and Municipalities and supported by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE).

Finally, he works as consultant for public bodies and private organisations in the conception and implementation of innovation activities in the transport field. In particular, he collaborates with Autostrade Spa, Apulia Region, Interporto delle Puglie, Ilfov Region (RO), Timisoara Airport (RO), Spediservices, Confetra, Almaviva, the port authority of Genoa, Ravenna and Ancona, Hub Telematica, Fedespedi, Spediporto, Assagenti, Gyptis, OMER S.r.l., VITALI Spa.




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