The PCI and internal migration
from reconstruction to the 1970s
intervention in the territory and political elaboration

23 May 2023 10.30 a.m.

University of Salerno
DISPC-Department of Political Science and Communication
Aula SPA Ground Floor - Building D2
Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132
Fisciano (SA)




The seminar presents a series of in-depth studies on the theme of internal migration in relation to the history of the Italian Communist Party in the period between the end of the Second World War and the 1970s. In thematic terms, the four planned speeches, discussed by scholars who are experts in the history of migration and 20th century political history, articulate a reflection centred on the mobilisation of the PCI in the face of phenomena such as the movement of millions of male and female workers towards urban areas, labour commuting and the social battles waged against discrimination towards immigrants.



Virgilio D'Antonio
Director Department of Political Science and Communication
University of Salerno

Massimiliano Bencardino
President of the Didactic Council of Political Science

Gabriella Corona
Director of the Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean of the National Research Council (CNR-ISMed)


Roberto Parrella
University of Salerno


Stefano Gallo
Alvo Fontani in charge of migration for the PCI

Lucie Bargel
Univeristé Côte d'Azur
Displacing Communist voters? Voter registration by option (1946-1966)

Giovanni Ferrarese
The southern PCI and labour commuting

Alfonso Conte
University of Salerno
Manlio Rossi Doria: the PCI and southern emigration


Patrizia Audenino
University of Milan

Giovanni Cerchia
University of Molise


Placido Rizzotto Observatory Foundation
University of Salerno, DISPC - Department of Political Science and Communication

With the contribution of:

Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Mission Structure for the Enhancement of National Anniversaries and for the Participatory Dimension of the New Generations
Initiative benefiting from the contribution of the Struttura di missione per la valorizzazione degli anniversari nazionali e per la dimensione partecipativa delle nuove generazioni - Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Project "Un partito in movimento: il Pci e le migrazioni dalla nascita allo scioglimento" - Project Code "190 PCI" - CUP J61B22002250004

THE PROJECT: "A party on the move: the PCI and migration from birth to dissolution", aims to reconstruct the Italian Communist Party's migration mobilisation during its history, as part of the cultural and celebratory initiatives related to the centenary of the founding of the Italian Communist Party.


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