It has ben published the latest issue (10.2) of Global Environment: A Journal of Transdisciplinary History
editors in chief Mauro Agnoletti and  Gabriella Corona.

Special Issue "Waste as Resource" a cura di Roberto D'Arienzo





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Roberto D'Arienzo

Special Articles

An Introduction toward Ecosophical Metabolism Studies
Mathias Rollot and Chris Younès

Metabolism and Major Urban Cycles. Remnants, Materials and Micro Pollutants
Cyrille Harpet

Man's Role in Changing the Face of the Earth (1955): From the Rediscovery of Marsh to the Emergence of Urban Metabolism
Antonella Tufano

Recycling of Urban Remainders: Case Study of Naples in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Roberto D'Arienzo

Links for Recycling in Urban Regeneration
Annarita Lapenna and Viola Toccafondi

Other Research Articles

The Making and Unmaking of the Gonds. History of Hunting Mores in Colonial India
Vijaya Ramadas Mandala

The Environmental Legacy of European Expansion and Colonialism: Three Controversies
Ravi Rajan

The present as history

Water Conflicts in a Historical Perspective. Environmental Factors in the Middle East Crisis
Valerio Caruso


Simo Laakkonen, Richard P. Tucker and Timo Vuorisalo (eds), The Long Shadows. A Global Environmental History of the Second World War
Poul Holm