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Focus on UNESCO Cities and Sites 2020

Also this year the CNR-ISMed is represented at the WTE-World Tourism EVENT - Salone Mondiale del Turismo Città e Siti Unesco, the important international exhibition dedicated to cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, scheduled in Rome on 24 and 25 September 2020.

During the WTE will be presented a preview of the four thematic booklets corresponding to the four natural elements around which the Working Group for Cultural Routes of the Metropolitan City of Naples, established by Determinazione Dirigenziale 9514 (December 17, 2019), has identified routes for the sustainable use of cultural heritage: Water, Earth, Fire and Air.



Roberta Varriale, CNR-ISMed researcher participating in the Working Group, presents at the WTE the booklet on the element water, in whose editorial staff she participated proposing an itinerary among the remains of the Augustan Aqueduct in the Metropolitan City of Naples. It will be followed by a report on the element fire as a creative and destructive element, in relation to the cultural heritage of the CMN.

The event is open to the public.
Free entrance after registration.

INFO AND REGISTRATION: http://scientific.wtevent.it

Attached the cover of the Booklet: Water: Enea's route and water, landscape and nature itineraries of the Flegrea area