Round table

Enhancing the value of villages for the development of tourism in inland areas

Saturday 19 June 2021, 4.30 p.m.

Mediterranean Tourism Exchange
24th Edition Naples
Mostra d'Oltremare Naples

Viale Kennedy, 54
Procida Hall - Open Air




The current post-pandemic tourism scenario and the new work models generated by the use of smart working have redesigned possible development processes in the country, foreshadowing a different role for villages in the country's economic and social development.

This is the starting point for the round table discussion "The development of villages for the development of tourism in inland areas", which aims to highlight the opportunities and potential of villages, which are still completely unexplored.

Identifying in the villages those areas where it is possible to create models of tourism development based on the authentic resources of those territories, can trigger that virtuous process of "rebirth" useful for the diffusion of flows, networks and relations that generate added value crucial for sustainable recovery in economic, social and environmental terms.

Starting from the results of a research conducted by Roberto Micera (CNR-ISMed) and Carmen Bizzarri (European University of Rome), it will be possible to initiate a debate between the scientific, academic and professional worlds, in order to assess possible scenarios and short and long-term territorial strategies, which actively involve local communities and trigger participatory processes of tourism development.



Opening remarks

Salvatore Capasso
Director CNR-ISMed

Fabrizio Antolini
President of the Italian Society of Tourism Sciences

Roberto Micera
Senior Researcher CNR-ISMed
Expert in Tourism Management


Carmen Bizzarri
Professor of Economic Geography
European University of Rome

Roberta Garibaldi
Professor of Tourism Management University of Bergamo
President of the Italian Association of Food and Wine Tourism

Rosanna Romano
Director for Cultural Policies and Tourism
Campania Region

Eduardo Colombo
President of Turismo Italiae

Giancarlo Dell'Orco
Destination Manager and creator of the Villages Project

Paolo Giuntarelli
Professor of Sociology of Local Development
University of Rome "Tor Vergata".

Giorgio Palmucci
President ENIT - National Tourism Agency



National Research Council, Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean



Italian Society of Tourism Sciences (SISTUR)

Culture Italiae platform

Tourism platform Italiae




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Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean (CNR-ISMed)
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