The first Master in Italy in Integrated Maritime Logistics has been created

by the University of Naples "Parthenope", the Academy of the High Sea and the CNR-ISMed

Signed an important memorandum of understanding between the University of Naples "Parthenope", the Academy of the High Sea and the Institute of Mediterranean Studies of the National Research Council (CNR-ISMed), represented by Professor Lourdes Fernández del Moral Domínguez, the lawyer Alfredo Vaglieco and Professor Salvatore Capasso.


he Master is unique in the national scene and was created with the aim of qualifying the specific professional figures in the field of Maritime Logistics, offering solid advanced skills, insights into specific issues that are gradually becoming part of the range of tools and methodologies in Maritime Logistics, according to an integrated vision focused on the ship.

The program includes a phase of frontal teaching, characterized by a strong transversality in the disciplinary fields of economics, geopolitics, engineering and law; presentation of case studies related to practical applications of maritime logistics; internships, in companies and institutions of national and international interest.

Both the case studies and the internships will characterize four specific lines of development, related to the design of the support system of a fleet; the management of naval technical operations; the management of ports and a naval base and the design of the naval supply network.

The Master will also see the participation of Fincantieri, Leonardo, Interporto Campano, Port Authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea, Confitarma and SRM-Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno with the aim of both providing lectures by experts in the field, accompanied by exercises, analysis and discussion of cases and sharing of operational experiences; and to host internships at their headquarters to those enrolled in the Master.

The Convention between the University "Parthenope", the Academy of the High Sea and the CNR-ISMed represents the natural point of convergence of common interests in the culture and the relaunching of the maritime activities on the territory.

Detailed programs and registration procedures will be available from next November 2021.



University of Naples "Parthenope"
Academy of the High Sea