Project management for the funding and management of European projects

December 14, 2021 - 4.30 p.m. - 6.30 p.m.

Polo Umanistico Conference Hall (VI floor)
Via Cardinale Guglielmo Sanfelice, 8
80134 Naples

and live on Zoom platform
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The various stages of the European project life cycle can benefit greatly from project management practices. An appropriate project design and a detailed project management plan, developed in accordance with internationally recognized standards, can help ensure that the proposal is evaluated well and that the project manager can manage the project effectively.  The PMI-Project Management Institute's standards and guides, if properly customized, are an indispensable support to the project manager's work in funded projects.

The event aims to involve both small and medium-sized innovative companies that will manage funded projects as well as research organizations and other actors of the innovation system and will include the testimony of some authors of the book "Project management and European projects - Synergies, best practices, experiences": a practical handbook for project managers involved in Europrojects.




Salvatore Capasso
Director of the Institute of Studies on the Mediterranean of the National Research Council (CNR-ISMed)

Edoardo Grimaldi
Vicepresident PMI-SIC

Nicola Fantini
National Research Council
EEN Network Coordinator for Lazio and Sardinia

Project management : the case of European networks for SMEs

Andrea Innocenti
Assistant Director of PMI-SIC

Marcello Traversi
Innovation and technology consultant, Eurosportello

Project management for funding and managing European projects

Company Testimonial

Sergio Cotecchia
Research and Development Manager, Protom




CNR-ISMed e PMI-SIC, within the project SMILE-PM (Small and Medium sized Innovators and Leaders for Project Management) and the recent agreement signed.


Daniela de Gregorio and Giovanni Canitano  (CNR-ISMed)

The event is open to the public, after registration on website PMI Southern Italy Chapter, where are also available the information to receive the certifications issued by PMI.



Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean of the National Research Council (CNR-ISMed)
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