Maria Chiara Carrozza elected President of the CNR by the Minister for Universities and Research.

An expert in bioengineering and neurorobotics, professor of Industrial Biomechanics at the Scuola Superiore di Sant'Anna in Pisa and a former minister at the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, Maria Chiara Carrozza is the 23rd President of the National Research Council, the first woman to hold the prestigious position.


video from President Maria Chiara Carrozza 


"Being the first woman leading the country's largest and most important research centre is an unprecedented challenge and responsibility. But it also represents a change of approach and perspective. I am confident of the help and cooperation of all the researchers at the organisation, their undoubtedly valuable skills and their enthusiasm. "

Congratulations to the new President and the commitment of ISMed in this new challenge.



CNR PRESIDENTS IN HISTORY since 1923: 2016-2020: Massimo Inguscio; 2012-2016: Luigi Nicolais; 2011-2012: Francesco Profumo; 2008-2011: Luciano Maiani; 2007-2008: Federico Rossi; 2004-2007: Fabio Pistella; 2003-2004: Adriano De Maio; 1997-2003: Lucio Bianco; 1993-1997: Enrico Garaci; 1984-1993: Luigi Rossi Bernardi; 1976-1984: Ernesto Quagliariello; 1972-1976: Alessandro Faedo; 1965-1972: Vincenzo Caglioti; 1960-1965: Giovanni Polvani; 1956-1960: Francesco Giordani; 1944-1956: Gustavo Colonnetti; 1943-1944: Francesco Giordani; 1941-1943: Giancarlo Vallauri; 1937-1941: Pietro Badoglio; 1927-1937: Guglielmo Marconi; 1923-1927 Vito Volterra


The decree of designation

Statement by President Massimo Inguscio

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