Procida orizzonte mare. Storia marinara di un'isola

edited by Raffaella Salvemini and Claudio Fogu

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In Procida, the sea horizon is not bounded by the sunset line. It goes far beyond it, in time and space. An island of four square kilometers, with one of the highest densities in the Mediterranean, encloses a maritime projection at once typical and wholly original. Prochyta enters the history of the Mediterranean as early as the Mycenaean era, and with nearby Ischia and Capri participates in making the Phlegraean area its propulsive center until under Roman rule. But it is in the modern era that Procida will experience an exponential growth of its multiple maritime horizons, from fishing, to those of commerce, shipbuilding, and maritime education, to that of intercontinental navigation in the last two centuries. This history is summarized here in a journey that the reader can take through reading the chapters of this book or on foot, encountering the toponymy and places on the island that still bear its traces and recall its splendor.