Women and work. Activities, roles and complementarity (14th-19th centuries)

edited by Paola Avallone and Gemma Teresa Colesanti




contents of book




Studies on women's participation in the world of work and the economy in general have had great momentum in recent years and have highlighted, with a long-term perspective, the socio-economic dynamics that have led to processes of inclusion and exclusion of women's engagement in multiple sectors. The discovery of the presence of women in areas hitherto unexplored and the emergence of documentary sources that have led to unexpected pathways of analysis, such as women's ability to play management and organizational roles in both urban and rural contexts that have been ignored for a long time, are now at the centre of a lively historiographical debate that involves strands of study that intersect in the wider Mediterranean area. And the volume is part of this wide historiographical debate by collecting the essays of 16 young scholars.

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