COVID19 pandemic and tourism:
the recovery of the destination Italy and its role in the Mediterranean area

Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 4:00 p.m.

The event is open to the public

available on ZOOM





MEDITERRANEAN POLICY WORKSHOP (MPW) is an idea of the Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean of the National Research Council (CNR-ISMed) that was born during the pandemic. With a deep knowledge of the Mediterranean in its socio-economic, historical, cultural, political dynamics, the CNR-ISMed with these workshops aims to promote dialogue between policy makers, academia, research and business, but above all aims to provide policy makers with concrete support aimed at identifying sustainable solutions to overcome the crisis. Towards new Mediterranean policies, aimed at growth and integration.

The second meeting of the cycle, dedicated to tourism and organized with the collaboration of the Italian Society of Tourism Sciences (SISTUR) aims to identify, together with authoritative speakers and distinguished guests, possible strategies for the relaunch of the destination Italy and its role in the Mediterranean, for the development of local areas and the economy of our country.

Starting from the post-Covid19 scenarios on the trend of tourism flows and how the travel needs of tourists are changing, we will discuss how to put into practice the guidelines provided by UNWTO, the revitalization actions planned by the Government and regional policies, also emphasizing the strategic role of cohesion policies and instruments adopted by the European Commission.


Salvatore Capasso
Director of CNR-ISMed

Antonio Giusti
President of the Italian Society of Tourism Sciences (SISTUR)
Full Professor of Statistics
University of Florence

Roberto Micera
CNR-ISMed Researcher, Tourism Management Expert


Fabrizio Antolini
Elected President of SISTUR
Associate Professor of Economic Statistics
University of Teramo

Giacomo Del Chiappa
Associate Professor of Economics and Business Management
University of Sassari

Carmen Bizzarri
Coordinator of the Master in Management of Tourism Organizations
Associate Professor of Economic Geography
European University of Rome


Lorenza Bonaccorsi
State Subsecretary of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MIBACT)

Alessandra Priante
Director UNWTO Regional Commission for Europe

Giorgio Palmucci
President ENIT - National Tourism Agency

Mauro Febbo
Tourism and Hotel Industry Commission Coordinator
of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces

Valeria Aniello
Cohesion Policy Expert
PM "ASSIST" - Territorial Cohesion Agency


National Research Council, Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean (CNR-ISMed)


Italian Society of Tourism Sciences (SISTUR)