Affrontare i rischi dell’automazione nel mercato del lavoro:
sfide e percorsi per il futuro in Italia

Facing the risks of automation in the labour market:
Challenges and pathways for the future in Italy

Thursday 15 April 2021 5 p.m. - 7.30 p.m.

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The event, organised by NESTA, in collaboration with CNR-ISMed and supported by AIDP Campania, Fondimpresa and Federformazione, focuses on the radical changes triggered in the labour market by increasing process automation. Nesta discusses with academics, policy makers and HR managers possible solutions and policies to support the transition of at-risk workers to new occupations in Italy. It intends to present to an international audience the results of the research "Mapping Career Causeways" conducted by NESTA UK focused on the radical changes triggered in the labour market by the increasing automation of processes, with a specific focus on the Italian context. In this regard, 14% of current jobs will disappear due to automation, while 34% will be completely automated.  

The event will therefore be an interesting opportunity to reflect on tools and strategies of active policies to accompany workers in the era of digital transformation. The research will also be presented in the UK, France and Germany.




Salvatore  Capasso
Director of the Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean of the National Research Council

Introduction to Nesta research "Mapping Career Causeways"

Francesco Cardinali, Senior Country Officer di J.P. Morgan Italia

Nesta research presentation "Mapping Career Causeways"
Silvia Pau, Nesta

Q&A session

Challenges and opportunities of technology for the labour market.
Redefining skills and training processes in post-Covid 19
Tommasina Pianese, Researcher CNR ISMed


The role of the 'HR manager' in digital transformation
Isabella Covili Faggioli, President AIDP Italy
Alessandra Belluccio, AIDP National Councillor for the Campania Group
Umberto Frigelli, Head of AIDP Research Centre

Blockchain skills certification becomes the intellectual currency of the future
Laura Mazza Vice-President Federformazione

Continuous training for skills upgrading.
The experience of the Interprofessional Funds
Bruno Scuotto, President Fondimpresa


Q&A session e conclusioni

Final considerations

Andrea Orlando, Minister of Labour


Luisa Errichiello, Researcher CNR ISMed





and supported by AIDP, Fondimpresa and Federformazione

Event is free to the public after registration on the website of NESTA



Daniela de Gregorio
EU Project Manager

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