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"The emergencies we face today take on a particular significance in the Mediterranean: migration, lack of development, growing inequalities, anthropic pressure on the coasts, among others.

In order to deal with these emergencies, we need solid intervention policies, built on objective data and well-founded and consistent models.

Through ISMed, the CNR is able to provide this type of knowledge, which represents an important support to the decision-making processes of policy makers. And, also thanks to a consolidated network of relations, the Institute is today a strategic point of reference in the field of scientific diplomacy.

With offices in the heart of the Mediterranean - Naples, Palermo and Rome - ISMed carries out research, consultancy and training with a markedly interdisciplinary approach in the fields of economics, tourism, migration and the environment, with projects also in the field of home healthcare and biology and biotechnology.

Inspired by a vision of a Mediterranean of peace and prosperity, the Institute's mission is to understand, and make people understand, that through knowledge emerges a Mediterranean crossed not only by emergencies, but also by extraordinary opportunities that can generate growth and social welfare."

Salvatore Capasso


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