press release No 53 of 28 March 2020

Number 45587 for innovative therapies

League B launches CNR Coronavirus Research Fundraiser

Balata (B League), Inguscio (CNR) and Laporta (Inspra): "Let's win this battle together".


The League B and the 20 member companies take the field in support of scientific research of the CNR (National Research Council) on Coronavirus, by SMS or call from a landline to the number 45587 from 28 March to 16 April.

A fundraising campaign initially created for "B come Bambini" the Lega B project to support the care of the families of patients admitted to the three Italian paediatric hospitals, Bambino Gesù in Rome, Meyer in Florence and Gaslini in Genoa, but which, given the health emergency that is involving our country, also thanks to the sensitivity of the three paediatric facilities, has become a current and necessary project. "The smallest for the largest" is the sense of choice that has guided the Bambino Gesù Foundation of Rome, the Gaslini Onlus Association of Genoa and the Meyer Foundation of Florence to identify, as the beneficiary of the collection, the study of the mechanisms that lead the Coronavirus to cause infections and determine infectious diseases for the development of innovative therapies of the CNR. Partner of the initiative is Ispra, Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale.

The President of the Serie B League, Mauro Balata: "Our country, like the rest of the world, is going through a difficult time because of the Covid-19 health emergency. The Lega Serie B and its 20 member societies, after the recent decision of the Assembly to purchase medical devices to be donated to 20 hospitals in the area, stand by the CNR to support the scientific research activity for the treatment of the Coronavirus. I thank the Bambino Gesù Foundation, the Gaslini Onlus Association and the Meyer Foundation for this gesture of love rich in meaning and example for the whole country. We help research by donating to 45587".

The President of the CNR, Massimo Inguscio: "I sincerely thank the Lega Serie B and B Solidale Onlus, which with the project "The smallest for the biggest", through the Bambino Gesù Foundation in Rome, the Gaslini Onlus Association in Genoa and the Meyer Foundation in Florence, will help the study of innovative therapies on the CNR Coronavirus: our researchers will be up to the task as always! Research is the axis on which we must build the future. Research as resistance, to mitigate the effects of the Coronavirus and seek possible solutions, but also as resilience, to prevent certain things from happening again. This means building a new world in which the multidisciplinarity of which the CNR is an example will have a decisive weight. Let us acknowledge that the government has listened to and followed from the beginning the indications of science on how to deal with the virus: elsewhere, someone initially gave little importance to the alarm of scientists, only to then change their mind. Now we need to take this path and never abandon it again.

President Ispra and Snpa Stefano Laporta: "The many environmental tragedies have already taught us, in the not too distant past, that the work of prevention is fundamental, as it is fundamental to provide citizens with scientific knowledge and information to resist these disasters. The period of health emergency we are experiencing forces us to reflect even more deeply on the value and importance of public scientific research; initiatives such as this of the Serie B League and the world of football, which has great social importance, can contribute substantially to its progress. Science does not stop and right now it needs the support of all of us. Only with union and attention to others will we be able to win the battle against the coronavirus, so research can progress only if supported by everyone, to give young people a better Planet".

Since the day the Covid-19 health emergency broke out in Italy, the researchers of the CNR (National Research Council) have put their skills and experience in the field, starting the first research activity on the coronavirus at national level. The research project on Covid-19 of the CNR, led by the Department of Biomedical Sciences (Dsb), aims to identify the so-called specific cellular targets and then, subsequently, to design drugs for the therapy of viral infections, with techniques ranging from molecular and cellular biology, morphological studies, screening of a large number of molecules that can interact with the biological mechanism and bioinformatics and molecular modeling analysis. The CNR has always been involved in basic research up to the study of human diseases and innovative therapeutic interventions, with the ultimate aim of discovering new opportunities to improve people's health and well-being. Based on this principle, the CNR has decided to make its resources and expertise available to support the country in these difficult times.