Description and themed areas

The objective of the projects that converge in the thematic area is to provide alternative interpretative keys to the non-overcoming of the socio-economic divides, which oppose, both within individual countries and between the southern and northern shores of the Mediterranean, poor and rich areas.

Despite the persistence of long-term functional ties and the intertwining of historical and economic paths, these areas, in fact, tend not to converge.

Research has the specific objective of understanding the differences in the processes of socio-economic development of a territory which, by geographical extension, was and remains the meeting point of numerous cultural, political, religious and economic identities. The analyzes conducted will be multidisciplinary and will use methodologies typical of the historical, social and economic sciences.


Scientific contents

In dealing with a variety of aspects, we aim to analyze the complex economic and social development of Southern Italy and other disadvantaged areas of the Mediterranean with historical, economic and social methods, as a function of their relationship with the richest areas and the Mediterranean as a whole.

Specifically, we intend to examine the following issues: 1) analysis of the long-term transformation of institutions with particular attention to regional realities and social, economic and territorial identities; 2) study of the modernization processes of the production sectors and the structure of the markets; 3) analysis of human resources, innovation and labor market; 4) gender studies relating to geographical, economic and cultural mobility; 5) the conservation and enhancement of the historical and cultural heritage of the cities as a driving force for the economic development of some geographical areas (collective memory, cultural identity of Mediterranean cities, representation, organization, promotion of historical centers and of interest).