European Researchers' Night 2020


Back to the past

Stories and paper characters

Friday 27 November 2020 at 6.00 p.m.

Online event open to the public

on YouTube channel IlCartastorie

and available on Facebook @CNR.ISMed

For the European Researchers' Night 2020-MEETmeTONIGHT, ISMed offers a teaching experience in collaboration with the Historical Archive of the Banco di Napoli.

Helped by "the good presenter", an archivist from the world's largest banking archive, each researcher will tell a story taken from accounting papers, from which a protagonist of the past will "materialize", revealing facts and misdeeds of his time. Among the characters there will be an ancient employee of the Neapolitan public banks, one of the many Neapolitan women kidnapped by Turkish merchants and then freed thanks to the ransom payment, and a surgeon, the one who, during the Neapolitan plague of 1656, tried to heal the sick from the mortal disease.

By interweaving suggestively with the ancient calligraphies of the employees in charge of reporting, an immersive experience will come to life, revealing the presences, stories and voices preserved in the historical Archive of the Banco di Napoli.

Characters and interpreters:

The good anchorman, Andrea Zappulli

Researcher 1, Paola Avallone

The desk clerk

Researcher 2, Raffaella Salvemini

The freed slave

Researcher 3, Idamaria Fusco

The surgeon

The place from which the stories will be told


Museum of the Historical Archives of the Banco di Napoli


Debora Sacco

In collaboration with:

IlCartastorie - Museum of the Historical Archives of the Banco di Napoli

Scientific Committee:

Paola Avallone (CNR-ISMed)

Sergio Riolo (IlCartastorie)


Direction Secretariat

Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean (CNR-ISMed)

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