Le fonti sanitarie della miniera di Montevecchio in Sardegna. Dal censimento al "riordino virtuale".
by Eleonora Todde

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The book is a useful archival tool for researchers and scholars of Sardinian industrial archives that provides an exhaustive picture of the health sources of the Montevecchio mine, which until now have remained in the shadows. The result of a complex doctoral thesis, which also included two substantial documentary appendices on accidents and occupational diseases, the work has now, four years later, been reworked and updated by the author for publication in this series. Although it focuses on the lead-zinciferous mine of Montevecchio, in south-western Sardinia, it represents a first and exhaustive archival balance sheet on the sources of health care in Sardinian companies and a tool of easy and immediate comprehension for those who want to study this documentary typology.