Michele Colucci presents

Storia dell'immigrazione straniera in italia

Wednesday 5 December 2018, 4.30 p.m.

Rome - at IC in via de sesami 20
( ex) San Benedetto.








For the first time, foreign immigration in Italy has been traced through a historical reconstruction, starting in 1945.
Entries, flows, laws, generations, works, conflicts and hopes are intertwined with an increasingly pressing pace until you get to the present day. The volume traces the quantitative dimension of the phenomenon over time and its evolution, its roots in the territory, the policies adopted to govern it, the controversies that have arisen, the impact it has had on society. The sources used are numerous: from social surveys to political debate, from the testimonies of the protagonists to statistics, from institutional archives to newspaper reports. The multifaceted profile of a great transformation emerges, indispensable for understanding Italy today.



Michele Colucci, author, lssm CNR

Cristian Raimo, teacher and writer

Cristiano Marini, lstat

Open Meeting



(per i docenti che ne faranno richiesta verrà rilasciato attestato di frequenza)