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Luisa Errichiello is a Researcher at CNR since 2008 and works at ISmed since 2019.

After graduating cum laude in Management Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II she got a PhD in Engineering and Economics of Innovation from the University of Salerno, with a specialization in qualitative research methods. She was Visiting Scholar at the University of Southern Denmark. Since 2014 she is Research Fellow of the Center for Automotive and Mobility Innovation at Cà Foscari University of Venice. In 2018 she won a research grant, within the Short Term Mobility program of CNR, carrying out research work at the IESEG School of Management in Paris on the topic “smart working”. In 2019 she participated in the Short Term Scientific Mission program within the COST action "CA18110 - Underground Built Heritage as catalyser for Community Valorisation", hosted by the development agency of the Green Karst Region (Slovenia).

Her research interests focus on the strategic management and organization of innovation processes, and in particular on the interplay between the technological and organizational dimensions of change. The empirical survey contexts are made up of various sectors of the service sector (including professional and knowledge-intensive services, tourism/hotel and cultural heritage organizations). Starting from her doctoral studies focused on the role of organizational routines in service innovation processes, she specialized in the organization and management of ICT-enabled remote work arrangements, covering the role of principal investigator of the projects "Distributed ICT-based organizational work arrangements", co-funded by INAIL- Campania Region (Italy), and "Organizing innovation in work practices through ICT: smart working and new flexible and remote work arrangements", financed with CNR internal funds. Her more recent interests also cover green innovation processes with a focus on corporate strategies and related changes produced in organizational practices. In this regard, she has been principal investigator for the project "Organizational innovation and green practices in the hospitality sector", funded by CNR funds and carried out in collaboration with the Rosen College of Hospitality Management of the University of Central Florida.

Through the participation in projects of national relevance, including "Sm@rtInfra - Intelligent integrated infrastructures for the data ecosystem of social sciences, humanities and cultural heritage" and "OR.C.HE.S.T.R.A. ORganization of Cultural HEritage and Smart Tourism and Real-time Accessibility", she also carried out research activities on the processes of open service innovation and smart destination governance for the intelligent development of cities and tourist destinations.

From October 2014 to July 2019 she has been Responsible for Internal Competence Development and was a member of the national CNR network of Local Training Referents.

Since December 2019 she is a member of the ISmed Institute Council.

Since 2017 she is co-coordinator for Italy of #RGCSRoma, Italian chapter of the "Research Group on Collaborative Spaces (RGCS), an international research network focused on new practices and transformations of work in the context of sharing economy.

To date she has served as reviewer for international conferences and journals, including Academy of Management Annual Meeting, International Journal of Hospitality Management and International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

The results of his research activity have been presented at numerous conferences and workshops including Academy of Management Annual Meeting, and have been published in international and national books and journals, including Economics and Management of Services, International Journal of Tourism Research, Facilities. It carries out scientific dissemination activities aimed at the business world by participating in events on innovation and collaborates with the online magazine Spremute Digitali on issues related to remote work arrangements.

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Scientific coordinator of the research project “Distributed ICT-based organizational work arrangements", co-funded by INAIL- Campania Region.

Scientific coordinator for CNR of the WP “Smart cities and communities: innovation strategies” of the national-level research project SM@RTINFRA-SSHCH Smart Integrated Infrastructures for Data Social Sciences, Humanities and Cultural Heritage Ecosystem (MIUR, National funds).

Scientific coordinator of the research line “Organizing innovation”, financed by CNR (PdG IRISS DUS.AD010.040.004).

Scientific coordinator of the research project “Organizing innovation in work practices through ICT: smart working and new flexible and remote work arrangements” within the research line “Organizing innovation”, financed by CNR (PdG IRISS DUS.AD010.040.004).

Scientific coordinator of the research project “Organizational innovation and green practices in the hospitality sector” within the research line “Organizing innovation”, financed by CNR (PdG IRISS DUS.AD010.040.004).



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