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Daniele Demarco is a researcher at CNR-ISMed. He has been working at CNR since 2012, where he was a research fellow until 2014.

He completed his Master degree in Art and Humanities at University of Naples Federico II and obtained his Ph.D. degree in Philosophy at the Italian Institute for Human Science.

His research interests concern on how technological innovation and the creation of virtual atmospheres are influencing the perception of space and the perception of experience. He is interested in providing perspectives to understand the trends of our time, as well as to identify practical implications, guidelines and operational tools to offer to managers and policy makers.

In the course of his activities he has collaborated on several research projects experimenting with interdisciplinary approaches straddling philosophy and management. Among these, the project entitled «Neoluoghi: solutions for cultural experience in elective sites of surmodernity» focused on the study of coordinated solutions for the design, management and enhancement of theme parks, historic centres and other sites of cultural interest.

Since 2019, he has been collaborating with CNR-ISPF (Institute for the History of Philosophical and Scientific Thought in Modern Age). His collaboration with CNR-ISPF concerns the theme of the "end of the experience». Currently he has started a research activity related to the theme of Anthropocene. 



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Recent publications

Daniele Demarco, La mercificazione delle esperienze e il consumo della realtà. Come i media e la new economy stanno modificando la percezione del mondo, (2019) in RESEARCH TRENDS IN HUMANITIES

Daniele Demarco, I concetti di spazio e di luogo nell'immaginario occidentale contemporaneo. Per una definizione dell'esperienza nella surmodernità, (2018) in Laboratorio dell'ISPF rivista elettronica di testi, saggi e strumenti

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