The Institute for studies on the Mediterranean (ISMed-CNR) launches the Call for Chapter of the second volume of the “Tourism Studies in The Mediterranean Region” book series

Edited by Piera Buonincontri, Luisa Errichiello, Roberto Micera

“Tourism, Hospitality and Culture 4.0: shifting towards the metaverse”

Guest Editor: Prof. Giacomo Del Chiappa
Università degli Studi di Sassari and ISMed-CNR.

Deadline for abstract submission: 10th February 2022

All the details and deadlines are in the Call for paper


The emergence and uprise of technologies 4.0, including Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Location-based Services, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Robots, Virtual Assistant, Chatbots, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, etc., have been transforming both how businesses operate and the customer experience in all sectors, with tourism, hospitality and culture not being an exception (e.g., Hoyer et al., 2020; Ivanov et al., 2020; Stankov & Gretzel, 2020).The key role of these technologies have become even more evident since the COVID-19 pandemic (Yung et al., 2021), when they have been successfully adopted to mitigate the effects generated by this health-related crisis on organizations and to keep in touch with customers while guaranteeing hygiene, promoting social distancing (e.g., Del Chiappa et al., 2021) and providing them with personalized experiences (e.g., Gursoy & Chi, 2020; Ivanov et al 2020; Seyitoğlu & Ivanov, 2020), also remotely (Lau, 2020). Based on current research, the rapid and massive digital transformation that has been occurring in the last few years, put at risk a human-centric experience design perspective which, in turn, harms the chance to support transformations towards wellbeing and sustainability (e.g., Stankov & Gretzel, 2020) and challenges individuals in their ability to cope with this technological injection at mental, physical and cultural level.

Objective of the second volume

Based on the above considerations, the aim of the second volume of the book series “Tourism Studies in the Mediterranean Region” is to offer new critical perspectives on tourism, hospitality and culture 4.0 and the paradigmatic shift toward the metaverse. The volume also aims to enrich the methodological approaches traditionally applied in this growing research area by presenting innovative interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary empirical research, both theoretically- and practice-driven, focused on tourism businesses and destinations.

Recommended topics

  • The role of technologies 4.0 (e.g., Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, etc.) in tourism, hospitality and culture
  • The impact of technologies on customer experience
  • Subjective, objective and contextual factors that might influence the use and acceptance of technologies 4.0 in tourism, hospitality and culture
  • Actual financial e non-financial costs and benefits of an AI and robotized based business models
  • Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies on the acceptance, adoption and use of AI
  • AI robot interactivity and consumer perceptions, attitudes and behaviours towards AI and robotized-based experience
  • Robot Influences and AI multiple stakeholder-based perspective
  • On-site and post-trip impacts of extended reality
  • Technologies 4.0 and the use of biometric, physiological methods and recording of brain activities
  • Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives to dig knowledge on technologies 4.0
  • Cross-setting analysis
  • Perceived authenticity of virtualized experiences
  • Virtualized experiences and their influence on memorability, intensification and content generation
  • Supply and demand-side analysis on metaverse and tourism
  • Technologies 4.0, metaverse and biosecurity and privacy concerns