Book presentation

Campania on the move
2020 Report on internal migration in Italy

by Michele Colucci and Stefano Gallo

30 OCTOBER 2020, 11.00 A.M.

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Migration from Campania is one of the most significant constants of mobility in Italy. Although destinations, methods and forms of circulation have changed over time, it is still today the most consistent and stratified regional flow. The "2020 Report on Internal Migration in Italy" analyzes some links of this resilient chain, focusing on different figures and flows. Which regions do you migrate to from Campania? In which sectors of the labour market? When and how do you return home? What are the social and cultural profiles of this internal migration? How is foreign immigration involved? What role does mobility play with the surrounding regions? From demographic to sociological analysis, from history to education and literature, the contexts analysed range from schools to agriculture, from factories to commerce. Knowing the migratory movements serves not only to better understand Campania but also to understand where the whole of Italy is going.


Salvatore Capasso
Director of the Institute of Studies on the Mediterranean of the National Research Council CNR-ISMed

Discuss the book

Adriano Giannola
President of Svimez


Gabriella Corona

The editors will be present

Michele Colucci and Stefano Gallo

and the authors

Marcello Anselmo, Alessio Buonomo, Elena De Filippo, Giuseppe D’Onofrio, Giovanni Ferrarese, Valentina Noviello, Enrico Pugliese, Mattia Vitiello


students of the "Master in Management of Migration and Reception and Inclusion Processes" University of Naples Federico II