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Visions of the game
Football and society from an interdisciplinary perspective

Edited by Maurizio Lupo (CNR-ISMed) and Antonella Emina (CNR-IRCrES)

Wednesday, 3 March 2021, 5-7 p.m.

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Aldo Agosti, Marco Aime, Pippo Russo, Timothy Ormezzano, Darwin Pastorin, Nicola Porro, John Vignola. Modera Corrado Del Bo’


If football is a 'total social matter', then this phenomenon of our age must be analysed from multiple points of view. This is the case in this book, in which a group of historians, anthropologists, political scientists, linguists, literary scholars, statisticians, economists and musicologists offer a particular point of view on the world of football. Thanks to the original choice of themes and the rigorous but accessible style of writing, the authors propose to stimulate cultural debate and broaden knowledge about Italy's most popular sport.

MAURIZIO LUPO is a senior researcher at the National Research Council. He works on the history of educational institutions, human resources and technological change in the pre-unification Mezzogiorno. His main publications include: Tra le provide cure di Sua Maestà. Stato e scuola nel Mezzogiorno tra Settecento e Ottocento (Il Mulino, 2005) and Il calzare di piombo. Materiale di ricerca sul mutamento tecnologico nel Regno delle Due Sicilie (Franco Angeli, 2017).

ANTONELLA EMINA is a senior researcher at the National Research Council. She works on Francophone and postcolonial literatures. Her main publications include: Léon-Gontran Damas: les détours vers la cité neuve (L'Harmattan, 2018) and Forms of dwelling: Algiers (1913-1960) according to Albert Camus' " Il Primo Uomo " (Reichert, 2017).

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