In cattedra con la valigia. Gli insegnanti tra stabilizzazione e mobilità

Report 2017 on internal migration in Italy
edited by Michele Colucci and Stefano Gallo
Donzelli Publisher, 2017

Tuesday 5 December 2017,10.30 a. m.


National Research Council
Institute of Studies on Mediterranean Society
Via Cardinale Guglielmo Sanfelice n. 8, Naples
Conference Hall Humanistic pole (6th floor)





Departures, arrivals, returns and commuting are the agenda for those who have to deal with the world of school. For the first time, this book addresses the issue of teacher migration in a comprehensive way and with a rigorous scientific approach, thanks to the involvement of a large group of scholars from the most different disciplines: historians, demographers, sociologists, pedagogists, educational historians.





Salvatore Capasso
Director Institute of Studies on Mediterranean Societies


Alessandra Gissi
University of Naples “L’Orientale”


Virginia Amorosi
University of Naples "Federico II"

Emiliano Grimaldi
University of Naples "Federico II"


Editors will be present


Michele Colucci, Stefano Gallo and some authors


The event is open to the public


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