Città nel Covid
Centri urbani, periferie e territori alle prese con la pandemia

edited by Marco Bellandi, Ilaria Mariotti and Rosanna Nisticò

Donzelli editore, 2021

Thursday, December 9, 2021- 10:30 a.m.

CNR-ISMed Naples
Polo Umanistico Conference Hall (VI floor)
Via Cardinale Guglielmo Sanfelice, 8


The economic and social changes induced by the pandemic crisis have actually weakened the interpretative power of the dichotomous and opposed readings between centers (cities) and margins (suburbs), confirming and encouraging new conceptualizations and new representations, less polarizing and more oriented to the complementarity between places. The pandemic has, in fact, forced us to redefine our relationship with physical space and interpersonal relations, making distancing and limiting human density a vital necessity and the prospect of a new normality. The big cities will retain a fundamental role in territorial architecture, although they will necessarily have to adapt structures and functions, but the relevant role of more peripheral forms of housing settlement and less concentrated livability has emerged, usable in areas with lower population density, in territories left on the margins but potentially re-inhabitable. It foreshadows the possibility of introducing changes in the nature of hierarchies and spatial relationships and their representations.

What have been the effects of distancing, of remote work, of the limits imposed on the opening of productive activities, schools, universities, on the movement of people, and on the practices of social interaction? What will be the non-transitory impacts on territorial disparities, dynamics of production systems, and the emergence of needs for a new way of living and relating of people? The book collects contributions aimed at providing answers to these questions, with a multidisciplinary approach, useful to outline the possible scenarios of social, economic and territorial dynamics post-Covid 19.




Salvatore Capasso
Director of the Institute of Studies on the Mediterranean of the National Research Council (CNR-ISMed)


Domenico Scalera
University of Sannio


Giuseppe Mazzeo

Rosanna Nisticò
University of Calabria

Gaetano Vecchione
University of Naples Federico II


Salvatore Capasso
Director of CNR-ISMed

Mariarosaria Carillo
University of Naples Parthenope


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AISR- Associazione Italiana di Scienze Regionali

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